Older wines

It is disturbing that every other time I taste a random old bottle, there tend to be issues: oxidation caused by poor travel/storage…, the bottle wasn’t prepared right…, some wines were chaptalized, suspect to be mixed with wines from other region…, authenticity…(?)
It is scary to think there are many people who pine for the old-wine experience and are ready to use it as references for their wine education without recognizing that these problems could be sitting in the glass in front of them.
It is also equally annoying that when an old wine is sound, some are quick to dismiss them as being insubstantial and insipid. Too few are patient or quiet enough to listen to the spirit behind a gentle wine. Much worse, under the guise of age, even fewer have the ability to discern what that quirky expression of an older bottle might mean.
The good old guidance is needed. People need to taste older wines from judicious people who have collected them for a long time and are particular about their provenance. Tasting groups exploring older wines which do not come from these cellars risk falling into the two scenarios mentioned above.

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